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The silver jackets were instituted in the early 1990's as a thank-you to various individuals for their service (mostly volunteer) in a capacity to SBMT over an entire season or seasons. Awarded once a year, all the recipients' shows were once embroidered on the jackets, but the winners began having so many SBMT shows to their credit that the jackets are now simply adorned with their name. The amount of recipients each year varies and the jackets are worn by all the recipients on the evening that the new jackets are awarded.



David Mister
Kathy Switkey
Walter Mayes
Samuel Cisneros
Diane Hughes
Janet Miller
Don Masuda
Phil Jacke
Jeff Tuttle
Kathy Smith
Bob Sunshine
Laura Hager
John DiLoreto
Katie Hassett
James Creer
Atom Biggs
Laura A. Carlsen
Barbara Goetz
Barbara Heninger
Mike Munoz
David Singletary
Jennifer Smith
Doug Kerr
Norma Hughes
Denise Reynolds
Katie Coyle
Bob Visini
Sharon Visini
Jen Smith
Lupe Diaz
Andy Amaro
Pat Brown
Joanne Bunker
Geri Carlson Sauls
Joe Cassetta
Gary Daum
Karen DeHart
Kris Dudley
Lee Garay Toney
Lucy Haab
Bobbie Harper
Lynn Haydis
Jeffrey Henson
Gretchen Jenne
Michael Johnson
Edie Kerr
Andy Koch
Virginia Koester
Ted Kopulos
Doris Lucas
Howard L. Miller
Arthur Mintz
John Palmer
Barbara Reynolds
Tim Reynolds
Connie Ryan
Richard Ryan
Roberta Savage
Bill Shepard
Debra Leigh Silvas
Dan Singletary
Jack Spinler
Teresa Spinler
Jay Steele
Leslie Hardy Tamel
C. Michael Traw
Bob Walitner
Linda Walitner
Jon Wenger
Jason Winters


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