On Monday, May 7, Saratoga’s community access television station, KSAR, paid a visit to the Saratoga Civic Theater to conduct a lengthy interview with members of the cast and crew of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The show is generating a lot of buzz in the local theatre community, and KSAR wanted to find out how South Bay Musical Theatre attracted such a large and talented team to stage a such a challenging work. The interview aired over cable TV on Thursday, May 10, and is linked below with the permission of the station.

Interviewees include David Mister, who plays the titular character, Quasimodo, Steve Alhoff, who plays Phoebus, and Shelby Kahn, who works behind the scenes as Co-Assistant Stage Manager.

This 15-minute in-depth interview answers questions like,

  • “What drew you to this musical?”
  • “What role do you play in the show, and what do you find challenging or appealing about it?”
  • “What is this story about, and how do your characters fit together?”
  • “What motivated you to audition, and what have you done in theatre prior to this?”
  • “What’s your favorite backstage story?”

Enjoy this peek behind the curtain as we excitedly count down the days until opening night on May 19. Tickets are still available at SouthBayMT.com.