SBMT audiences are invited by email to provide feedback after each performance, and they are consistently lavish with their praise. Here are the rave reviews we received after some of our recent productions, along with a sampling of unsolicited testimonials posted to Yelp and Google.

Mary Poppins

“My husband and I were blown away by the show. The talent was extraordinary! I thought I heard Julie Andrews singing every time Mary Poppins sang, and her costume and makeup were fantastic. The two children were also delightful and extremely talented, especially the boy, who took over the stage when he was on. I can’t even imagine the rehearsals that had to have happened for the extreme dancing and timing, particularly the ‘Step in Time’ song. Amazing dedication! I was happy to see the full audience, and will definitely promote the show on Facebook. In fact, I just told a friend to not miss it.” — Lynda F.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our evening last night. I was particularly impressed by not just the actors’ performances but the use of sets and staging on the smallish stage. Very well done! Costuming was excellent as well. Orchestra does a magic job too. I would say the sound was good last night across the board. The additional use of the scrim projections helped to enhance the small space. We will be renewing our next subscription very shortly.” — Donald and Flavia G.

“Wonderful production. I especially loved the tap number. The show brightened my evening. Hope the rest of the shows are a success. I’ve told some people about the show. Take care. Thanks for the treat. Love ya.” — Gayle J.

“That musical was one of the best I’ve seen in  a while – it was great. Thanks! Let’s have more of those.” — Shirley C.

“We loved the performance last night. The actors were wonderful.  The two children were amazing and I have no doubt that if they choose to become actors they will be extremely successful.  Bert and the last very disagreeable nanny were also wonderful.  Actually the entire cast was well selected.  The set designs and the manner in which the sets were changed were (to us) very unusual but very effective. This was the first time we and our friends attended SBMT.  It certainly won’t be the last.” — Viv S.

“Four of us attended Mary Poppins and we all LOVED IT! I think it was the best show I’ve ever seen at SBMT!!! Each year the shows get better and better. The costumes and the sets were wonderful and the performers were spectacular!! Such amazing voices!! Everyone was good. I didn’t see or hear even one performer that I thought could have done better.” — Toni B.

“We brought a new friends family for their first time in SBMT and here is their feedback:
1) The production was very high quality – how come we didn’t know about this community theatre right in our neighborhood?
2) Addition of booster seats for the kids was awesome.
3) Everyone at the theater staff was so warm and welcoming with a beautiful smile.
4) Congratulations to the whole company – especially the talented cast and production staff. Thank you so much for putting this show on for us.” — Soni K.

“Loved Mary Poppins!  Great A+ talent.   I’ve missed that since Covid. I so miss the regular group of actors that I have seen for years. If musicals like Mary Poppins and actors is what I can expect in the future, I’m in!” — Sandy B.

“My husband, grandson and I attended your performance of Mary Poppins last Sunday afternoon.  I had seen an ad for the show in the SJ Mercury. It was a delightful show, although a bit on the long side for our seven-year-old grandson.  This was the first time we had taken him to a live musical performance, and it was fun for him to see the two children who had such important parts in the production. I do have one comment.  For me, the orchestra was just a bit too loud, interfering with my ability to discern the words that were being sung. All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to attending more productions of Saratoga Civic Theater.” — Linda A.

“The acoustics were great. The seatings weren’t bad. We had the second row we loved. Mary Poppins: it was great!!” — via Google

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The ASL interpreted Mary Poppins was amazing!! To be able to include my daughter who is Deaf was a rare treat! And the cast signing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! – it warmed my heart. Your interpreters were so animated and in tune with the characters they were interpreting for. Loved the whole cast: Mary, Bert, the kids, Mr. and Mrs. Banks, etc. Please let them know how great they were! Again, thank you!” — Ellen D.

“Such an engaging production and talented crew! My husband and I wholly enjoyed the show. And I, who grew up in dance and going to the theater in New York and San Francisco, was dazzled by the high quality of the performance. The dancing, acting, singing, costumes, set designs, the ASL. Too, the entire organization was impressively professional, from ordering tickets, seat selection to parking and being admitted. Thank you for all the work that goes into maintaining SBMT, it is special being able to attend shows close to home. We will be back for No, No, Nanette in October.” — Cheryl K.

“Thank you for the sweet treats for Mary Poppins. It was phenomenal! We loved Bert’s “Step In Time” number particularly and the excellent performances of the children. All well-cast, beautiful backgrounds and sets. It was a complicated enterprise for sure! — Elizabeth C.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Mary Poppins. The cast was wonderful and the sets were amazing! Great show!” — Bruce and Cathy F.

“Thanks for a fun evening! We had never been to a performance before and really enjoyed the music, the acting and the dancing.  The small theater is great, and being able to park so close was super. And ticket prices were really affordable.  Hope we can come back some time.” — Sue and Greg H.

“Enjoyed it very much. This season it was a big hit along with singing in rain. Wonderful voices in Mary Poppins and the two who played the children were great. Have season tickets for next year. Keep going!” — John D.

“It was such a great show!!!  Thank you so much for all of the hard work!  Looks like the cast was really enjoying themselves.” — Julie D.

“Wonderful work. The production team outdid itself with special effects, props, and costumes. The cast was excellent (including notably the understudy who had to perform), and the choreographer made the ensemble look like pros. Bravos all around.” — David B.

“It was an outstanding performance in every way! Marvelous characters, staging, and smooth transitions, lighting, choreography. We recognized you must have had some Equity actors* that brought polish to a fine cast!  And live music was so important! We look forward to attending more productions!! We will encourage friends to come next time!!” — Melinda C. [*editor’s note: Despite their talent and professionalism, none of our Mary Poppins performers are members of Actors Equity Association.]

A Little Night Music

“It was one of the best shows I have ever seen at SBMT or anywhere! So many great voices and every word was clearly articulated. Superb acting, awesome sets, musicians had the perfect balance and volume. Bravo!” — Debbie D.

“Wonderful from start to finish; a high-caliber production of a high-caliber musical. SBMT did Sondheim proud.” — Jim T.

“I’m glad that we have this resource in our midst.” — Tipu P.

“Saw it last weekend. What an amazing cast and production! A must see!” — Tim H.

“What a great cast and show!!!” — Anne G.

“Fabulous performance!” — Gracie T.

“The shows are always great!  The dancing, the singing, the acting, all top notch!  Every person on stage was strong in all three areas, which is so rare.  The costumes and sets and choreography was terrific.  What a treat!” — Barbara G.

“We LOVED it so much!!! What an amazing performance and amazing songs. The music was sublime also! The chemistry between all actors and actresses was outstanding!!! Theatre bliss!!” — Courtney M.

“Wonderful performance!!!! We loved it!!!!” — Cathy P.

“We all thought it was excellent” — Sandy V.

Rent (watch testimonial video)

Rent testimonial“Do not miss this show! So much talent! Fantastic!” – Holly L.

“It was so good! 💜💜💜” – Kenn T.

“A very diverse and talented cast. We all enjoyed it very much.” – Mike H.

“Great play. Keep up the good work. See you at the next production.” – Don V.

“Another fabulous production. The cast was incredible. thank you all for making this possible for us to enjoy.” – Nancy D.

Rent was absolutely fabulous!!!” – Katherine T.

“Our son loves Rent.  With him, we have seen it three times, once almost 20 years ago in New York City. You guys were fantastic!!!  The group singing of songs as good as Broadway.  Loved your show.” – Eric H.

“The show was awesome and the cast so talented! I’ve seen the Broadway show a couple of times before and the quality of the production, acting, and performing was totally on point and sometimes even better! It triggered so many emotions throughout and we couldn’t stop talking about it the day after… a total gem in the Bay Area! Don’t miss it!” – Christophe, Donna, Tiffany and Elise

Singin’ in the Rain (watch testimonial video)

press coverage and reviews“If [Singin’ in the Rain] doesn’t get your toes tapping, it still oughta make you feel good.” — Debby Rice, The Mercury News

“Heartily recommended. This cast of thirty can not only tap but keep us laughing. A well-worth-taking trip down memory lane.” — Eddie Reynolds, Talkin’ Broadway

“I have seen the show twice and enjoyed each time. The singing and dancing was excellent. I thought Cosmo was very good and of course the main actors were great too! I look forward to seeing another show in the future.” — Winnie B.

“One of their best performances! It was amazing! Go go go!” — Joan M.

“It was so fantastic!” — D. Escobedo

“Best play I’ve ever seen!” — Courtney M.

“Such a joyous evening!” — Anita C.

“Absolutely a great performance last night. A must see for everyone that enjoys musicals.” — John P.

My daughter and I loved Singin’ in the Rain!!! We saw it last night. I love to tap dance and I can’t believe your talent!! The leads, everyone, are just incredible. Polished. Unbelievable talent. Immersive feeling with the use of the theater space and orchestra; left me feeling like I was a part of something very special.” — Amy G.

KUDOS!! This was such an incredibly well done performance!! I totally enjoyed it. I will be sure to tell my friends!! — Clare L.

“Great show! Excellent production! Fun to watch!” — Angelina S.

“This looks stellar!!” — Maria M.

“It was a fantastic play to attend. Extra special to recognize you and the fabulous performance. I would highly recommend this entertaining musical to everyone.” — Marianne W.

“Counting myself lucky to see this show and watch you smash it on stage!!! Incredible work, heart, talent, joy!” — Peite L.

“Best thing they’ve done in years!” — Dale B.

“Such a great show. The cast is spectacular.” — Karen H.

“Great show” — Jeanne H.

“It was first rate!  Cast was fantastic, staging was great!” — Margaret K.

“We LOVED the show! One of the best ones yet. We’ve been coming for almost 20 years.” — Grace S.

“It was awesome!!  We all LOVED it!!  Didn’t want it to end!!!  Appreciate all the talent!” — Geri W.

“We both thought it was excellent!  I expected it to be good, but was much better than i was expecting. My congrats to the cast, director, music, stage!” — Jerry M.

“One of your best!” — Marcia C.

“The show was outstanding, and both my daughter and I enjoyed it very much. So much talented performers were on that stage. The transitions between Cosmo and his tap dancing replacement Sarah – were very well done. Excellent solution to deal with the actor’s injury. Thank you! — Carin and Alyssa H.

Singin’ in the Rain was fabulous! What a talented, gifted group of performers. It was a totally uplifting, enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Looking forward to more wonderful productions.” — Pat D.

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s performance! My husband and I were season ticket holders for Broadway shows at the CPA in San Jose for 10 years and from 1984 to 2014 I was a paid usher at the CPA. Needless to say, I have seen it all: with Broadway stars and with professional traveling companies. I can tell you I absolutely loved this performance! It ranks in my top five favorite performances! That’s almost 40 years of performances. Everyone was so talented and amazing! The choreographer stepped (or should I say danced) in so fluidly for the injured actor it looked so natural. She was amazing. Thank you for making my day.” — Barbara S.

“I so enjoyed the show last night – it was spectacular!  Acting, singing, and dancing were all exemplary.  And I was so favorably impressed at Sarah Rosenberg’s skill in filling in as a dancer for “Cosmo” – she’s amazing!  Thank you for a terrifically entertaining evening.  This was my first time attending a South Bay Musical Theatre show, and I’ll definitely be back in the future.” — Gina A.

“WOW! WOW! and WOW! Our first time attending and we really enjoyed the whole experience. The seats you recommended (first row, first 2 seats, right side) were great for my wife with her limited eyesight. The show was totally entertaining. Thanks for your “little extra.” — Ron Z.

“Thank you so much for your welcoming actions toward my husband (in his wheelchair) and myself to make our experience of Singin’ in the Rain last night so special.  We appreciated the phone call in the afternoon re what time to arrive, where to park and the offer of moving a seat to accommodate the wheelchair. And the offer of the free water bottles was very kind. What a great show!  I play musical theater from time to time and knew several people in the orchestra and Joe Kelly, the conductor.  So glad we were able to pick up the last two seats for the Thursday show. Keep up the good work.” — Linda J

“The performance was one of the best I’ve seen. And the woman who danced for Cosmo was terrific.” — Alice P.

“Christine and I thought that Singin’ in the Rain was terrific!  Not just the singing, but especially the dancing.  I’ll be sending my annual donation in mid-summer, as I did last year. Keep up the good work!” — John T.

The Spitfire Grill

Caleb reads paperNice theater/building itself. Very talented cast (in The Spitfire Grill). Loved the projected backgrounds! All in all, seemed quite professional! — Chris S.

Many thanks to you and the SBMT company for all the outstandingly wonderful entertainment you provide. Also, thank you for requiring masks to be worn in the theater. Your effort to keep us as safe as possible is greatly appreciated. – Ronda F.

Very impressive! We will definitely check out future productions! – Michelle K.

So glad I got to see Spitfire Grill! It’s multilayered story of trauma and healing went straight to my heart (tears) through wonderful acting, singing and dancing. Each character is so familiar. A flawless production! – David M.

It was fantastic! Loved it. Great voices. Thank you. – Pat K.

I really enjoyed it. I wanted to see this show because it is not a “traditional” show and not done often, which made the appeal even greater for me. I liked the storyline as well. The projection scenery was quite spectacular! I was very impressed with the barn projection during the different seasons and particularly the night sky, with the lighting from the windows! Strong cast with great voices. – Earl M.

Just a note to let you know I enjoyed Spitfire. Everyone has beautiful voices… Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon. Looking forward to Singin’ in the Rain. I will imagine Gene Kelly there on stage! – Simone Y.

Company (watch the testimonial video)

Ben reads magazinesWhat a fantastic production of South Bay Musical Theatre! Company had us on the edge of our seats, trying to figure out this very complicated art of “making a relationship work.” The performance was fabulous and we recommend it! Spend an afternoon at the theater in lovely Saratoga. — KZSU Stanford

“Theater at its best. Loved the show. Perfect casting of very talented actors. Could take it to Broadway. Thank you for a very enjoyable night at the theater.” — Vicki F.

“We enjoyed this wonderful performance immensely and will certainly encourage others to attend.” — Joyce R.

“Loved this production! You all rock!” — Lisa D.

“Amazingly talented performers. Add to your ‘must see’ list.” — Darrell B.

“Great show!” — Kerry M.

“Terrific show. Ben was great. Vinh did an amazing job!” — David G.

“What a talented cast, and the music and performances are touching and hilarious!” — Peninsula Youth Theatre

“Saw the matinee on Sunday opening weekend and the orchestra was wonderful. So nice to have a “real” orchestra playing! It makes such a difference. Thank you South Bay Musical [Theatre]! Cheers to the orchestra and the cast and crew of Company.” — Barbie K.

“An absolutely fantastic cast!  Not one weak link; thank you for the show.” — Jennifer R.

“We had a wonderful time at the show. We will definitely be back for more with our season tickets.” — Flavia

“Singing and music was comparable [to a] Broadway show in NYC. Glad we didn’t have to travel all the way to New York to see this masterpiece.”  — Jian Y.

“Everyone did a splendid job but I was awestruck with the panicky patter song by Amy in wedding scene! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole show!” — Shivangi S.

“Just terrific! Brilliant performers and music.” — Harish B.

On The Town (watch the testimonial video)

Sailors together“What a great night. Best production of this musical we have seen. I wanted to hug the whole cast.” – Susan D.

“The Taxi number was UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve never seen anything so amazing.” – Susan D.

“I enjoyed the performance and staging very much. You tried very hard to make this an outstanding performance, it kept me breathless at times.” – Heinz B.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show!! What an awesome way to spend an afternoon!! So impressed with the caliber of the show!! Thanks for providing the Bay Area with such high quality of theater!! – Clare L.

I enjoyed the performance and will recommend it to others. I enjoyed the music, dancing, and especially Marie Finch’s singing. Please keep up the great shows and you can count on us to return.” Jack C.

“We enjoyed our Saturday night On the Town experience! The costumes, set design, humor, dancing talent orchestra! Altogether a fun time!” – Jeanne T.

“I just thought the show was amazing. What a cast, what sets, what costumes!!!! What dancing!” – Margo K.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show. Great to be back.” – Connie G.

“Catherine Traceski takes to the stage as cab driver Hildy Esterhazy, a ten million watt powerhouse. Energy and singing and acting talent fairly pour out of this young lady who steals the show with her presence and vocal power. She is the shining jewel of this production.” – Theatrestorm, Otto C.

Shout! The Mod Musical (watch the testimonial video)

“I thought the show was fantastic! I could not get to my feet fast enough to give a standing ovation.”

“Last night was so much fun. The check-in was very easy and because of the vaccination requirement and the mask requirement I felt very safe.”

“The show was a delight: great voices, great acting, good music. I was impressed by the speed of the costume changes.”

“I left the theater with a smile on my face. Thank you to all the volunteers with South Bay Musical (Theatre), I can’t imagine all the work that went into a Covid-safe theatrical production.”

“Loved the show. So wonderful to see live theater again. Checking in was easy and I feel good about precautions being taken.”

“I loved the performance and felt very comfortable with all the steps that were taken at the Covid checkpoint. The performance was very uplifting, which I feel is needed during these trying times. Will definitely try and spread the word about returning to theatre, especially SBMT.”

“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance of “Shout.” The music and singing, the stage set, the costumes, and the acting were all wonderful. Congratulations and thank you.”

“We plan to attend other performances as time permits.”

“This was an outstanding performance. Did not even bother us that we had to wear a mask. Enjoyed every minute.”

“Roger and I patiently (okay, mostly patiently) waited a year and a half until we could return to live theatre once again. What a way to welcome theatre goers back to SBMT! Shout! The Mod Musical proved to be a fantastic production!!! All five women were so talented, and the music carried us right back to that time in our lives. I am not exaggerating when I say we left the theatre giddy.”

“As to the ease of Covid checkpoints, everything was very well organized and it took hardly any time at all to receive our blue stickers. Making masks mandatory was the right call. Thank you for making live theatre safely accessible.”

“Already looking forward to the next production.”

“The show was great! Those gals can really sing and dance. A very uplifting show. I missed the live performances and so happy you are back ?? ”

“Really enjoyed the show! everything was handled very smoothly.”

“It was our first show out since March of last year and what a way to start. We were very impressed with the singing and choreography – the amount of time everyone must have spent to get it to come off in such an entertaining way. Wow!”

“We have told our friends already about it. It is a must see. My favorite was ‘To Sir With Love’ because I remember the movie so well.”

“We will see you at all the next performances.”

“It was great fun and a pleasure to see a group of talented women. Getting in was easy, and it was comforting to see the security health measures. Bravo, keep up the good work.”

“Enjoyed it very much. All the ladies were great singers.”

Loved this production with all the songs I grew up with! The fact that all the actresses performed with full energy the entire time without an intermission was amazing. All five were extremely talented and I was very glad I was able to attend. I really appreciated the theater’s Covid procedures. It went smooth and was easy and I felt comfortable and safe once inside. I will definitely come back again.”

“It was fun seeing our niece Heather as the Blue girl…and the rest of her cast!”

“It was a fantastic show. We enjoyed every minute of it.”

“I had a great time. It was fun and the ladies were fantastic.”

“The show was fabulous. So happy to have live theater back.”

“The three of us totally enjoyed the production of SHOUT. The singers were fabulous and the orchestra was excellent. Looking forward to the next show.”

“The acting and singing in Shout was top notch.”

“We truly enjoyed the show and being back in the theatre.”

“For us the COVID vaccination review intake process worked fine. I know it isn’t easy but it worked very smoothly. The Sunday matinee in particular seemed to bring out an older crowd, but you did a good job in helping them through.”

“For the show itself, it was the first time I had seen a production of Shout!, and I enjoyed the walk back in time. It was very creatively done within the small set. The costumes were perfect.”

“Sorry to say this, but a huge “Shout” out to the performers! The voice work and harmonies were amazingly well performed. The musical itself has a pretty limited plot but the work they did truly helped to connect the travel through the years.”

“Having this be a small ensemble and small band was a great way to ease back!”

“We continue to be enthusiastic fans!”

She Loves Me (watch the testimonial video)

She Loves Me testimonials“I have been going to SBMT for many, many years and I have to say that this past season has just been excellent, probably the best ever! Everything about She Loves Me was just great – kudos to all!” — Elaine E.

“Whittemore and Finch’s duet is pure audio dessert.” — Michael J. Vaughn, Operaville

“The ensemble is just as strong as the primary characters, and the orchestra is impressive.” — Paul Bolton, Broadway World

“Every aspect of the production is first class and big-smile producing.” — Eddie Reynolds, Talkin’ Broadway

“A warm romantic comedy with a touch of old-world elegance” — Susan C. Schena, Saratoga Patch

“Wonderful show and quite a surprise” — Gerrye W., Dingdingtv.com

“Thank you so very much for bring the excellent musical performance of She Loves Me. It was all rounder program, every aspect of it was perfect. Thoroughly enjoyed the acting, singing, social treat afterwards…. Thank you again for bringing that to us. — Sulekha C.

“A very delightful and fun show- everyone was exceptional!” — Laura C.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder (watch the testimonial video)

Gentleman's Guide reviewsIt was absolutely fantastic! We really enjoyed the play. — Mary C.

The show was terrific!  Ticket ordering was easy, the theater was very nice. This was the first South Bay Musical Theatre show that I have attended. Thank you very much to all for such a great evening!  It was clear how much work and how much attention to detail went into the production from the acting to the music, to the sets and the costumes, props and special effects. Congratulations to all!

Thanks — Marian R.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show yesterday afternoon. One of the best I’ve seen in a while. — Elizabeth Stutz

Great, great show. Well done all around – acting, voices, costumes, sets, directing, orchestra. Should win awards for this delightful show! Helen H.

The show last night was fabulous — from the costumes to the set to the marvelous actors and the crew behind the scenes. It was all just spectacular! My husband and I spent the entire ride home talking about it. I am coming back and bringing five friends with me on October 4th — ladies night out! This will be their first time seeing an SBMT production. They know I love musicals and have been interested in seeing some. I think “A Gentlemen’s Guide…” is the perfect introduction. Thanks for all the work that went into this show. I am reaping all of the benefits. — Kathryn C.

As I said to the producer, we have been to many SBMT events, but Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder was by far the best we have seen. Great voices, effective acting. The “Talk Back” session after the show was a very nice way to give the set designers and wardrobe folks accolades, well deserved. We will pass the word to our friends. — Rich and Marian D.

Once again, loved it! Can a Saturday day show start at 7 pm rather than 8? — Thomas S.

I very much enjoyed this wonderful show. It was creative, charming and very entertaining. The acting and singing voices were excellent. The costumes and set and choreography were all great. I will recommend it to friends. The fact that this musical play originated from a movie starring Alec Guinness also is unusual and interesting. — Anonymous

We saw A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder when it opened on Broadway and South Bay Musical’s production is every bit as good! All the leads and players are excellent! Sets are first-rate! Orchestra is flawless! Not a misstep anywhere! — Steve C.

Just got home from Sunday’s performance with huge smiles on our faces! Loved the production. Although the music won’t linger in our memories, the complexity of the show, the delight of the ensemble, the versatility of the actors (especially the dazzling Michael Paul Hirsch), as well as the “choreography,” stagings and props will remain. And, then of course, the final moment in which we are alerted to the fact that “it’s not the end.” Well, that was a capper! Well done. We have a treasure in our community that we love to support. Bravo. — April C.

We went to A Gentleman’s Guide yesterday and found it delightful, even more: hysterical. We need a good laugh right now with the affairs of the world. The theatre is a perfect place to get into another world of fantasy and laughs. Great acting, amazing costumes and sets. Thank you for providing relief from this crazy world of reality. — Roberta C.

What a fun show!  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was very cleverly done, most amusing, well-acted and sung. Bravo! — Jeanne B.

We attended Gentleman’s Guide yesterday evening. We’ve seen several of your shows, and my wife and I want to extend the highest congratulations to your company for a fantastic production.  We’re involved with community theatre on the mid-peninsula so we can appreciate the tremendous effort it takes for that show. The cast, directors, designers, and crew were spot on and made for a very enjoyable evening.  Keep up the great work — Don and Catherine C.

Great costumes and voices. Volume level of the sound system was uncomfortably too loud for my ears.  This was my first attendance of one of your musical productions. I have tickets for two more; hopefully, they will not be as loud. Yes, I would recommend your productions with this caveat. — Jean Ann L.

It was a fabulous show. We all loved it.  Beautiful voices! The best we’ve seen in years! — Anonymous

Vibrant, exciting and talented performers. Amazing how you uncover such spirited local triple threat actors and bring Broadway hits to the South Bay. Keep breaking your legs. —Steve I.

It was too cold in the theater last night but thanks to the person who found some small blankets at intermission.  Hope this doesn’t continue for the rest of the season. — Masel S.

It was wonderful.  Afterwards we said to each other, “I can’t imagine Broadway doing it better.”  The voices!  The clever sets, the choreography, costumes — it was flawless.  This is our first time to your theater.  Promise to come back.  Congratulations on your hard work. — Lyn M.

We really enjoyed the performance of A Gentleman’s Guide … One of the best that we have attended at SBMT. The acting and singing were terrific! — Robert W.

This was our first show with South Bay Musical Theater at this theater and it was outstanding! Great cast, great orchestra—we really enjoyed it and look forward to future shows. — Dianne R.

Well done — and not easy to do — I didn’t keep my program — left it for you guys  — so don’t have names to applaud — but two leading  ladies’ voices were wonderful — and in the duets as well and of course — the man who played so many characters — deserves an Oscar — he is sooooo talented.  It was good fun.  Costuming was really well done for the period, too.  Thanks for a fun afternoon in the theater. — Jacqueline C.

OMG…Was the funniest play ever.  Everyone in our group of 18 loved it.  Thank you to everyone who had a part in this production. — Barbara B.

Thoroughly Modern Millie (watch the testimonial video)

Millie rave reviews“Another great performance. We continue to be impressed by the depth of talent we see on your stage.  It is a privilege to have a theater so close to us that offers such great shows. None of the stress we used to endure traveling to and parking in San Francisco. As we get more and more senior it grows in value. Thanks to all who put in so much time and energy to make this possible.” — Chuck and Ruth E.

“I have never been to a show here and it was AMAZING! I took my mother who is 93 and she loved the place. Small and nice ramp to get into the theater. Singers and dancers were really talented. We will be back for more shows!!!!! Thank you!!” — Lanni C.

“Never have I been to a bad play at SBMT! (And I have been going for years!) Everyone seemed like really pro-stars off broadway! Great show, and I highly recommended it to several girlfriends who came along with me and my son, too!” — Arleen K.

“What a fabulous cast.  Maybe they can do another show some time!  Looking forward to the next year’s selection.” — Pat and Don S.

“Show and performance was fantastic. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew. A job well done. Already have our season tickets for 2019-2020;  I  bought the whole row. Thank you again from all five of us for a wonderful afternoon.” — Shirley C.

“This is by far the best production I have ever seen played on that stage. The music, dancing, staging, timing, singing, acting, and scenery were right on. Congrats on a marvelous production.” — Norma S.“

The shows are always great! The dancing, the singing, the acting, all top notch! Every person on stage was strong in all three areas, which is so rare. The costumes and sets and choreography [were] terrific. What a treat!” — Barbara G.

“Fantastic show! Tight, great choreography, great singing, fantastic orchestra! Couldn’t believe it was opening night!”—David Y.

“Really enjoyed the show. Great talent and enthusiastic cast.” — Steven I.

“Great show with such wonderful talent. What a treat.” — Linda T.

“I thought the show was brilliant. The comedy, the energy of the whole play — I laughed the whole time. The talent is incredible.” —  Kayleigh Z.

“The singing and dancing is so outstanding. It’s choreographed so well.”— Greg A.

“Fantastic! Terrific performances! Beautiful voices. Absolutely delightful experience watching Thoroughly Modern Millie. Thank you for bringing such a well done performance to South Bay Musical [Theatre].” — Colleen B.

“I have enjoyed every SBMT production in the last ten years. Each new show manages to somehow surpass the previous. Millie is Marvelous! Thank you for another incredible afternoon!” — Dana M.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance; it was great! We had great seats — middle of the third row. But there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. The humor, singing and dancing were great. I like that you put the paragraph in the program about human trafficking, to make people aware that it still continues. Not sure if I liked how the two Chinese men were portrayed in the beginning. But in the end, their parts expanded so they weren’t a caricature.” — Elizabeth I.

“Thoroughly wonderful…high-octane song and dance production.” – Silicon Valley Voice

Big River (watch the testimonial video)

Twain quote“Thoroughly enjoyed Big River. The singing was outstanding! The sketches—the King (or Dolphin) and the Duke of Bilgewater—were hilarious. Loved the Arkansas song and dance—delightful. Best of all were Ben Hatch as Huck Finn and Anthone Jackson as Jim. Ben captured the free, naïve character of Huck so well in this coming-of-age story. Through Huck, Mark Twain shows the wrenching moral dilemma slavery presented to pre-Civil War America. When Huck decides he’d rather go to hell than turn runaway slave Jim—his truest friend—in to the authorities, he speaks with deep moral conviction. Hatch convincingly portrays this. Anthone Jackson gave a moving performance as Jim, maintaining his dignity as well as his very human side. Both men sang beautifully—the duet ‘Muddy Water’ made me want to join in and sing along. I loved this performance and highly recommend it. Sorry, Mr. Twain, but I found your plot moving, as relevant today as when it was first published. So shoot me!” — Susan C.

“A really enjoyable performance of Big River. Fabulous singing, choreography and acting. I live in the UK just outside London and this performance would have been worthy of the West End stage in London. A really great show.” — Patricia S.


“Wonderful enthusiasm of the cast!  Great music!!!! Great choreography! Can’t wait to see the next play.” — Barbara S.

Big River was wonderful—one of your best!  What great voices!!”— Dorothy F.

Big River was the best show so far this year.  Incredible voices, crisply combined to provide a riveting and spellbinding performance.” — Steve K.

“My granddaughter (19) and I attended and totally enjoyed the performance, particularly the wonderful music. Thank you for all you do.” — Mary S.

Big River was outstanding!!!! Clever set, great costumes and like Hunchback, the voices of the chorus were over the top. As I told my husband, if it had been a bare stage and the cast just sang the songs (concert style) it would have been worth the price of the ticket. I am recommending this one highly.” — Carol Knouf

“The play kept moving at a fast pace and was well choreographed. It didn’t seem long and was over before I knew it. I thought the set design was clever with the adjustable size river and the map showing the progress of the play.” — John Christ

“Just saw this screen’s performance. As good as any New York production. I’m very impressed with this theatre company as a former New York City resident who attended hundreds of Broadway productions. This was an excellent cast. Thank you for these productions. Looking forward to Thoroughly Modern Millie. — Irwin Z.

“The presentation of Big River was outstanding.  The voices were excellent, strong and with feeling.  It appeared to be flawless.  It was very well rehearsed and beautifully presented. Thank you all. We have been attending performances for many years and each presentation seems to surpass the last.”  — Janice K.

“This was our first show at this theater.  It was a great production.  What a talented cast.  Great voices, choreography, costumes, stage set, lights, sound and musicians. All four of us enjoyed the show very much.  We will be back.” — Irene J.

“Great show and all were perfect in cast! — Arlene K.

“A phenomenal production: Big River.  The entire cast was the star.  No one outshone anyone—rare in this type of show. Huck and Jim were a perfect pair. Anthone’s powerful voice and wide range blended beautifully with Ben’s, never overpowering him. Of course, Anthone’s solos moved me to tears.  Speaking of overpowering, which could happen, but didn’t with this duo, Walter and Michael (Hirsch) played off each other and complemented each other with every word, move and glance. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience. — Caroll W.

“I had a terrific time at the Big River matinee last Sunday. It’s definitely a must see.” — Roberta S., via Facebook

“Excellent performance. The entire cast was outstanding.” — Kevin D., via Facebook

“My friend and I could not say enough good things about your production of Big River!  Such a strong cast of talented actors!  Live music.  Humor, drama, and social commentary that is as relevant today as it was when it was written in the 1800s.  Bravo!! Thanks for making our Sunday afternoon a SUPER PLAY day!” — A.M.R.

“Hope to see more of Ben Hatch & Anthone Jackson. Wonderful performers. Great show as always.” — Shirley C.

“This was a wonderful performance. Well worth the 4 hour drive each way.” — Stan K.

“Hi – We enjoyed the show last night.  I just wanted to compliment you on the healthy snacks that you offer.  Most places do not offer that and I think a lot of thought was put into it and we appreciated it very much! You have a great lineup for next season and we will be back! Thank you for not turning on the cold air in the theatre!” — Monica S.

“Loved your Big River production.  Spectacular group of performers. Loved the music.” — JoAnn S.

“We very much enjoyed your production of Big River last evening. Music was great, along with the story line and variety of actors involved in the performance. This was our first visit to your theater, but for sure will come again.  Thanks.” — Dick and Lynn A.

“We totally enjoyed the musical last night. We are anxiously looking forward to the next one.” —Sterling and Judy H. and other guests

“Incredible casting. Performers well suited for the character played.  High energy. Good projection of lines.  Easily understood.  Simple but effective stage props. Clever hanging banners need to stay up a bit longer in order to be read by the audience. Very enjoyable performance. Thank you.” — E.F.S.

“This was my first time attending an event at the South Bay Musical Theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The play was fantastic—actors, orchestra and technical staff! I will definitely come back.” — Judy H.

Big River was my first SBMT performance, but it won’t be my last. Friends who had seen the Broadway show recommended it because they know I’m a fan of Roger Miller. Access was easy, my seat in row K was good, and the production was terrific. And did I mention it’s a 10-minute drive from my home in Saratoga? Can’t decide if my next event will be Thoroughly Modern Millie or South Pacific. And I may even let my husband join me this time. He thinks going out is usually a hassle so seeing a SBMT show will be an eye-opener for him too. Kudos to everyone involved in this production.” — Sandra R.

“I have shared the excitement of this event among family and friends. I loved the experience of the orchestra’s coordination with the performers. This along with the props and lighting. All came together to give the audience the feeling of big theater! What a wonderful performance and delivery by all.  Thank you so much! Bravo! Bravo!” — Jacqueline F.

“Enjoyed the production. Disappointed Jim did not do more solo singing. Had problem understanding Tom, but Huck was very clear—even with my hearing aids. Thank you for the blankets for the second half! You do a great job and it takes a lot of work, which I appreciate.” — Marge B.

“We enjoyed Big River immensely. We felt bad for all the empty seats next to us from our party. For one reason or another various ones were unable to make the show, which has never happened before. They chose to go on other nights or not use their tickets at all. It was their loss.” — Catherine R

“We appreciated the Big River performance and we saw the New York Broadway performance. Very well done.” — Cliff M.

“Wonderful show and what a marvelous singer ‘Jim’ was!” — Sandi P.

“This was our first SBMT event and we were a group of 10. We were all incredibly impressed with the production, music, live orchestra, singing choreography and set. Will definitely come to more shows in the future!” — Kate K.

“My wife and I … very much enjoyed the show.  We are impressed that a small theater troupe can mobilize several dozen performers and musicians for such an effort.” — Andrew F.

“I have nothing but praise for your productions, and this one was wonderful and I know not easy to produce… So many fast elements… And wonderful chorus… Bravo!” — Jacqueline C.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Big River!” — Bob & Julie

“AMAZING! FABULOUS! OFF-THE-CHARTS! We L.O.V.E.D. it!” — Cindy and Mary-Anne from Napa… (Yes, we drove all the way to San Jose. I think there’s a song in there somewhere.)

“Outstanding show. Fabulous voices. We loved it, as did our almost 14-year-old grandson. The younger boys liked it quite a lot. Thank you for such a great job.  A special thanks to Diane who secured TIX for us at last moment. It was terrific.” — Dorothy D.

“We loved Big River.  The music and singing were fantastic.” — William B.

“Always enjoy the musicals and the great customer service Diane has afforded our ladies group on Saturday at 12:30. Love this theater.” — Cheryl H.

“Big River is one of the very best that I have seen put on by SBMT. We have been season ticket holders for at least three years now. Huck Finn was unbelievably good and on stage almost all of the time. Jim likewise was awesome and had an unbelievable voice. We missed the first show of this year due to Mom’s illness, but were glad we could make it yesterday. Looking forward to the last performance of the year.” — Beth C.

“We saw Big River yesterday. We took our grandson and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the play. The acting and musical voices were outstanding.” — Eileen & Bill L.

Mame (watch the testimonial video)

“We have been going to your performances for quite some time now, and we rank Mame right up there at the top.” — Tom and Teddy L.

“The wife and I were so impressed with the Broadway level of talent we witnessed and enjoyed at last Friday’s Mame. This was our first SBMT experience, and we will return for future shows.” — Steve I.

“Our group had been looking forward to the SBMT production of Mame for quite a while. We were not disappointed, as your production was fantastic—one of the best SBMT has done in the 10 years we have been coming.” — Jim H.

“Mame was terrific.  Mary Melnick and her bosom buddy Karen DeHart were energetic and enthusiastic and have marvelous voices that meshed together beautifully. And Kama Belloni is a comedic wonderwoman with a great voice of her own.” — Susan F.

“Loved the show, Mame! Such great songs and story! I’ve told several people already … and I’m still humming the tunes!” — Joan

“Mame was an exuberant fun fest! Mary Melnick was an absolute delight, with a marvelously rich voice that resonated throughout the theater. Brilliant casting. We look forward to the next production!” — Rita R.

“Mame was excellent! We absolutely loved it! Top notch entertainment!” — Robert & Clare L.

“The show was fabulous!” — Beverly P.

“The show was outstanding! What a very talented cast! We enjoyed it to the max!” — Cynthia A.

“Outstanding quality performers who shared joy tonight. Thanks.” — Debby F.

“The play Mame was great. We really enjoyed it.” — Ken and Carol L.

“Mame was another great show to be seen at the SBMT… Great performances by all—like real professionals! “ — Arleen K.

“Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s performance. Very well done! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Melody M. (via Google)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (watch the testimonial video)

“We have been attending productions at the Saratoga Theater for several years with SBMT. Last night’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was our favorite show at that theater…ever! It was such a full, strong show. The music, choir, set design, actors. choreography, costuming, voices, etc. were perfection. Thank you so much for another enjoyable performance.” — Patt & Andy F.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame at South Bay Musical Theatre was easily the best theatrical production I’ve seen in the longest time. Stunning and amazing. All y’all should be proud of the magic you made on that stage.” — John R.

“When everyone was singing together it gave everyone in my group chills—in a good way. Because the show was so amazing we have decided to get season tickets!” — Hunchback of Notre Dame audience member

“The production was seamless. Every one of (the) characters…came to life on the stage. The singers enunciated their lyrics well. All their performances were realistic.” — Iride A., Cultural World Bilingual

“Hunchback of Notre Dame was fantastic! Marvelous! Amazing! So much talent on that stage! Wow! Could easily perform this show in big city theaters! Costumes and scenery SUPERB! Thank you to all who worked hard to present a stellar musical to us, your grateful audience! Thanks again for the wonderful entertainment South Bay Music Theater provides for our community! I have purchased my next year’s season ticket!” — Sandra T.

“This was my first experience with SBMT but it won’t be my last. It was an amazing experience from the beginning to the end….easy access, great parking, and a fabulous play. I will be back for more of the quality you produce!” — Pamela M.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame was probably the best production ever! I’ve seen many of your productions, all outstanding, but this one was truly extraordinary! I’d turn around and see it again!” — Adelaide M.

“Your production was wonderful—powerful and vocally dazzling. Especially loved Quasimodo and Esmeralda and their heartfelt portrayals. Bravo!” — Nancy G.

“Spectacular! No difference with NY Broadway show – Wow! Thank you for all the incredible amount of work that must have gone into this performance.” — Rich and Connie W.

“We very much enjoyed The Hunchback of Notre Dame this evening. David Mister was exceptional (even more than usual, which is saying something). The choir was magnificent, as is the wonderful score. The production was well done, especially considering the small space. We saw it at La Jolla Playhouse before Broadway and a bigger space does suit this production more, but you did well with the space you had. We had a great time following the story, enjoyed many featured performances (Sarah Bylsma and Braden Taylor). The costumes for the gypsies were amazing! Our favorite show this season is still Peter and the Starcatcher as it was quite a different production and the ability of the entire cast to ‘put on’ that show was fascinating and so fun to see over and over again. Looking forward to next season too!” — Cheri C.

“We felt the production was outstanding. Everything about it was top-notch. Even surpassed My Fair Lady.” — Paul and Pat W.

“We’ve been coming for years and feel that The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of the greatest. Thanks to the entire cast and organization.” — Rosemary C.

“My first show here, but won’t be my last! Absolutely fantastic! Bravo!” — Crystal W.

“Awesome show! Thank you so much for an unforgettable evening!” — Julie D.

“I am a ‘regular’ theater goer. I went to this production with low expectations: an impossibly ambitious undertaking for a community theater group; I was prepared to walk out at intermission. That said, Hunchback was one of the finest performances I have ever seen. OUTSTANDING! And there was not one weak performer. (At the end of the show, I was the guy in the fifth row who stood up immediately and started clapping. *:) happy) Please congratulate everyone for me. (Including the set designer.)” — Ron G.

“Roger and I are long-time subscribers (not only to what is now South Bay Musical Theatre, but to West Valley Light Opera as well). After attending The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Friday night, we left the theater feeling like we’d seen one of the best musicals we’ve ever seen on that stage. The entire production was so professional, from the acting and singing on stage, to the scenery, costumes, etc., created behind the scenes. Just imagining what it had to be like for the choreographer alone was mind-boggling. With this level of theatre available locally, there is no urge to go elsewhere. Everyone involved with this production must be so proud. They have every right to be.” — Kathleen & Roger A.

“I very much enjoyed the performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. One of the best performances I have seen with your company. I actually have invited friends to go and am going a second time to see it.” — Patricia C.

“We enjoyed this production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame—one of your best yet. Casting, vocalization, orchestra, chorus costumes, sets…all top notch! Cast gave their all and it was tremendously received. We have season tix for Broadway San Jose and have not been to shows in Saratoga for a while—but this might bring us back… great community theatre. We like the fact that the orchestra was not right in front of the front row… still good sound.” — Barbara and Duane G.

“I have been seeing shows with you since the Saratoga Federated days and this was one of the strongest I have ever seen.” — Dale B.

“This was the best yet! The voices SO GOOD. Also, they enunciated each phrase so clearly, I could understand every word. Costumes were great, too. I felt like each one gave their all! Thank you SO MUCH!” — Maureen Thrush and Howard F.

The Bridges of Madison County

“OMG! This [The Bridges of Madison County] is one of the best shows ever! It is brilliantly constructed, and exquisitely performed. I came completely unaware of the book, the movie, and the Broadway score, and was immediately drawn into the true-life dilemmas which we all meet on this journey we call life, and how we choose which crossroad to travel. We may always have that ‘if only I had taken the other road’, but that is reality!” — Bill E.

“I was at the opening night performance of The Bridges of Madison County at South Bay Musical Theater last night, and it is a SPECTACULAR production. Alicia Teeter and Chris Janssen are giving amazing performances in the lead roles, supported by a very, very strong cast. Gorgeous lighting and scenic design, as well.” — Mike R.

“Last night I attended the opening night of SBMT’s production of The Bridges of Madison County. Wow! Just wow. I was completely blown away. It is not a happy show, but what a gorgeous production and a beautiful and tear-jerking story. The orchestra led by Dan Singletary is just stunning. The entire cast is so committed and dedicated to telling this story with an intense level of sincerity and purpose. Alicia Teeter is perfection, plain and simple. She was born to play this part and she takes what is an extremely difficult score and makes it look effortless. Chris Janssen’s Robert is soul achingly beautiful. Ruth E Stein and Michael Johnson are comedic geniuses. There are so many great shows out there, but this one makes you feel all the feels. I felt sad, regret, turmoil, longing, passion, fear, and even uncomfortable watching what is a very intimate story. Most of all I felt the love on that stage and in the show. I loved feeling all of those feelings. I love when art moves me and this is art and the entire audience was moved. There were several numbers where the number would end and the audience collectively paused because they wanted to applaud but they didn’t want the moment to end. Pure and amazing magic. Thank you to the entire company of Bridges for putting on one of the best shows I have seen in this theater.” — Braden T.

“Just returned from opening night of The Bridges of Madison County at South Bay Musical Theatre. Oh my! If you live anywhere close enough to Saratoga, GO SEE THIS SHOW. All the elements work so well, and the score is beautiful and glorious. Top-notch performances all around from the entire cast and orchestra. The show runs the next three weekends.” — Steve S.

“Folks, I have no dog in this hunt, so believe me when I tell you that you MUST get a ticket to see The Bridges of Madison County at South Bay Musical Theatre. It is easily one of the best productions this group has ever done and contains performances that rival anything I have seen onstage all year.” — Walter M.

“My wife and I went to two productions so far. They are great! The whole company puts so much into it. They are well coordinated, (with) great music, and the sets really puts you right in the scene. Great talent and no flubs at all. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Jeff L., San Jose (on Yelp)

“In case you were on the fence about seeing Bridges of Madison County, let this post serve as your impetus to buy your tickets right away before the inevitable word of mouth renders it impossible. It’s a compelling (albeit sad) story with gorgeous, gorgeous music. Chris Janssen [Robert] and Alicia Teeter [Francesca] sing exquisitely. The timbre of Janssen’s voice melded right into the texture of the orchestra… and Teeter is magical.” — Adrien G.

My Fair Lady

“I’ve been taking my son to shows here for the past several years. The talent is amazing, and we’ve enjoyed every production! The relatively small theater means that every seat is good. We just saw My Fair Lady, and it was outstanding!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Katie J., San Jose (on Yelp)


“Saw 1776 there tonight. WOW! It was terrific!!! Great voices, costuming, acting & staging. I think probably one of their best productions!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Pat R., Santa Clara (on Yelp)

Funny Girl

“We went to the preview night of Funny Girl last night. We were not sure what to expect but what we saw was an amazing, talented group of actors + a top-notch orchestra and conductor! We kept having to remind ourselves we were not in New York … really it was just that good. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Kay, Morgan Hill (on Yelp)

Les Misérables

“Last evening I attended Les Misérables at the South Bay Musical Theatre in Saratoga. The production was completely professional with a cast that measures up to Broadway! Their voices were incredible—as good as any I have seen in New York. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Susan H., San Jose (on Yelp)

“This is a wonderful local community theatre company that takes on some ambitious stage and musical projects and does wonderfully at engaging the community. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Rob G., San Jose (on Yelp)


“Due to highly unusual circumstances I found myself in Saratoga Saturday night looking for something fun to do. I found it at the South Bay Musical Theatre for the opening night of Hairspray. It was a wonderful production with high energy and star talent. The sights, sounds and atmosphere were simply electric. Gifted singers and dancers filled the intimate stage and the orchestra didn’t miss a note. Highly recommended. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Eric E., Lakeside (on Yelp)

Anything Goes

“Productions are always very professional, with actors that are seriously talented, a well-synced orchestra, and topped off with brilliant costumes, lighting, and set. Even the lobby design you observe before entering the theater and during intermission has been well thought-out. I’ve enjoyed every musical I’ve seen here—at least 10 shows over the past few years! My favorite part of attending SBMT’s shows is the level of commitment by the actors to their characters, no matter how large or how small. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” — Denise L., Sunnyvale (on Yelp, reviewing Anything Goes)