Meeting start: 7:06 p.m.
Meeting end:  9:20 p.m.

  • Board Members in attendance: Michael Hirsch, Dan Singletary, Braden Taylor, Nicole Tung, Barbara Heninger, Tipu Purkayastha
  • Ex Officio: Walter Mayes (Artistic Director), Doug Hughes (Marketing)
  • Not Present: Soni Kapoor (Board), Ann Lucena (Board)

Summary of Action Items

  • Doug to introduce new staff in our blog. 
  • Post job descriptions for job openings, Michael will edit down description
  • Walter needs a list of possible people SBMT can hire for next season in technical jobs and what pay SBMT can offer
  • Staff reviews will begin soon. Tipu providing a feedback form for everyone to use (to AD by June 10th). Form may be sent out to season’s creative staff for feedback about AD.
  • Doug will follow up with President for pricing for rental items in order to post on website (suggestion: picture of scaffolding from recent NDHS production)
  • Proxy email created for costume rentals –
  • Board to help find new Board members – Barbara to find info on Board fairs. For more information and if you are interested in applying:
  • Walter to come up with smaller version of Brigadoon budget in June after Mary Poppins closes


Leadership Reports


  • SBMT is ahead of the curve regarding checklist for Live Scan and insurance with City of Saratoga. Building registration (CA license) for portable trailer is paid. Saratoga is reviewing agreements with SBMT.
  • Vote to dissolve membership continues through May 21. 
    • Another email reminder will go out the week before voting window ends
  • Scaffolding rental: Notre Dame High School 3/22 – 4/21/24. All payment handled.
  • Continuing to seek out Board candidates
  • Company Handbook
    • Organization Development committee to schedule session at a later date


  • Everything is set for Mary Poppins with coverage for sound dept.


  • Analyzing budget for next season, goal is to balance budget without sacrificing quality of shows.
  • 56% sold on Mary Poppins currently, matinees selling very well. 
  • Subscription renewals are on target so far
  • Broadway by the Decade tickets – one price for all individual tickets (instead of tiered seating)


  • Mary Poppins is lacking coverage to get everything done. Therefore, requesting provisions for future staff/crew to build shows; volunteers are no longer as available as they used to be. 
  • Technical Director and Master Carpenter combined with an Assistant Carpenter, should be three people in shop consistently, at the very least. Need a Rigger for next season (if they can assist Master Carpenter, that would be ideal). 
  • Budget process for next season needs to begin earlier
    • Look at shows, reach out to people who want to work with SBMT, and hire people who are really capable in their jobs.
    • Will provide a level of oversight and support that will be much more stringent and more present than past seasons.
  • No, No, Nanette auditions will take place on June 1 and 2, 2024.
  • SBMT participating in Zohar dance performance and TBA Spring Soiree at War Memorial Opera House.
  • We will be reaching out to people about needing volunteers for productions.
  • Goal is to create a database of volunteers in the future.
  • Staff reviews will happen after staff meeting June 10th

Development and Fundraising

  • Received check from Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation for orchestra monitoring system. They will be receiving a tour (June 7) during the Mary Poppins run to see the system in place.
  • Target for this season is $130,000 for fundraising (various grants no longer available).
  • Board leader needed after July, as Barbara Heninger will be stepping down.
  • DEI Form will be handed out for those auditioning for No, No, Nannette. Considering an incentive to fill out the form.
    • Next patron survey will include DEI, too.

Organizational Development

  • By-laws update (folder contains edited copies & supporting information)

Minutes submitted by Nicole Tung.