Big River Award WInners

Award winners, from left: Raiña Parks, Libby Moore Schroeder, Brian Bonarti, Alexandra Maissonneuve-Teixeira, and Ellie Brownson.

Following SBMT’s Preview Night performance for Big River on Jan. 25, 2019, producer Jay Steele invited the audience to stay for a few extra minutes as the staff conferred special awards to outstanding members of the cast, crew, and orchestra. It’s always a difficult decision, because just about everyone can be described as “outstanding,” but in the end, these are the winners who took home the awards.

  • Newcomer Award: Raiña Parks
  • Gypsy Robe Award: Libby Moore Schroeder
  • Orchestra Award: Brian Bonarti
  • Technical Award: Ellie Brownson
  • Producers Award: Alexandra Maisonneuve-Teixeira

The following shots were taken by Barbara Heninger during the awards presentation.