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Cast announced for A Little Night Music

By |2023-09-21T16:27:36-07:00August 16th, 2023|2023-2024 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

SBMT is pleased to announce the cast of A Little Night Music, the Tony® Award-winning masterpiece by the late Stephen Sondheim. The musical runs January 27 through February 17, 2024 at the Saratoga Civic Theater, directed by Walter M. Mayes. There was an enthusiastic and very talented turnout for auditions, and we thank all who took part. Here is the cast of characters: Désirée Armfeldt - Jennifer Cuevas Fredrik Egerman - Michael Rhone Anne Egerman - Julien Gussman Henrik Egerman - Ryan Liu Madame Armfeldt - Judith Miller Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm - Nick Mandracchia Countess Charlotte Malcolm - Dana Cordelia [...]

Announcing the cast of RENT

By |2023-08-14T16:49:08-07:00June 27th, 2023|2023-2024 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

SBMT is pleased to announce the cast of Rent, the Pulitzer and Tony® Award winning musical, which runs September 30 through October 21, 2023 at the Saratoga Civic Theater. The show will be co-directed by Jennifer Cuevas and Nicole Tung. Other staff positions will be announced later. ROLE / Actor ROGER DAVIS: Tyler Savin MIMI MARQUEZ: Lindsay Sporleder MARK COHEN: Justin Kerekes MAUREEN JOHNSON: Nicole Roca TOM COLLINS: Adrien Gleason ANGEL DUMOTT SCHUNARD: Justin Sabino JOANNE JEFFERSON: Sydney Bamberg BENJAMIN (BENNY) COFFIN III: James Jones ENSEMBLE: Chris Fernandez, Juliet Green, Cleopatra Howell; Syeda Huq, Luna Lau, Steven McCloud, Jamari McGee, [...]

Announcing cast and staff of Singin’ in the Rain

By |2023-03-04T12:08:10-08:00March 4th, 2023|2022-2023 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

SBMT is pleased to announce the company of Singin' in the Rain, which runs May 13 through June 3 at the Saratoga Civic Theater. PERFORMERS: Don Lockwood: Nathaniel Rothrock* Kathy Selden: Melissa Momboisse Cosmo Brown: Michael Saenz Lina Lamont: Melissa Jones R.F. Simpson: Stephen Sammonds Roscoe Dexter: Michael Paul Hirsch Zelda: Emery Bacon Dora Bailey: Sara K. Dean Miss Dinsmore: Barbara Heninger "Beautiful Girls" Tenor: Jackson Paddock ENSEMBLE: Tristan Aarons, Kyle Arrouzet, Emery Bacon, Peter Bullen, Sophia Davis, Sara K. Dean, Barbara Heninger, Anthony Howard-Erevia, Glenn Howard-Erevia, Rhona McFadyen, Kalyn McKenzie, Jackson Paddock, Sarah Rosenberg, Emily Scott, Heather Mae Steffen, [...]

Welcome to the Sixties cast announced

By |2023-02-25T14:53:29-08:00February 25th, 2023|2022-2023 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

South Bay Musical Theatre is happy to announce the 39 talented performers who will be entertaining at our 60th anniversary concert. The performers will include Emily Acosta, Chloë Angst, Charles Anthony, Jillian Bader, Francesca Cipponeri, Gabby Crolla, Ray D’Ambrosio, Karen DeHart, Cami DeMarco, Derek DeMarco, Ethan Glasman, Shawna Gonzales, Matt Hall, Barbara Heninger, Michael Paul Hirsch, Carly Honfi, Syeda Huq, Jennifer Kohler, Laura Lang-Ree, Katie Lannin, Ann Lucena, Jen Maggio, Cynthia Xiyuan Mahoney, Elizabeth McClelland, Mary Melnick, Shawn Miller, David Mister, David Murphy, Molly Olivas, Raiña Parks, Will Perez, Barbara Reynolds, Michael Rhone, Nicole Roca, Michael Saenz, Gloria Garcia Stanley, [...]

Meet the cast of The Spitfire Grill

By |2022-09-08T11:13:38-07:00September 8th, 2022|2022-2023 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

SBMT is proud to announce the cast of its winter show, The Spitfire Grill. Congratulations to the following talented actors, with our deepest thanks to all who auditioned. Cast: Percy Talbott: Kate Matheson Hannah Ferguson: Juliet Green Shelby Goddard: Laura Barragán Joe Sutter: Charles Anthony Caleb Goddard: Zack Goller Effy Katshaw: Mary Melnick Eli: Tomás-Julian Eredia Ensemble and understudies: Carmela Catoc, Joseph Cloward, Hannah Cole, Allyson Dudzinski, Cordelia Larsen, Corinna Laskin, Jackson Paddock, Gloria Garcia Stanley Staff: Director & Choreographer: Sara K. Dean Musical and Vocal Director: Debra Lambert Casting Consultant: Lysander Abadia Auditions Coordinator: Marcy Bates Stage Manager: Carla [...]

Meet the cast of On The Town

By |2022-03-07T05:59:38-08:00March 6th, 2022|2021-2022 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

South Bay Musical Theatre is thrilled to announce the talented cast of ON THE TOWN, which opens May 14, 2022 at the Saratoga Civic Theatre. Regular patrons will recognize some familiar names as well as a significant number of newcomers. This high-energy, dance-filled musical with music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Comden & Green is a sweet tale about three U.S. sailors grabbing 24 hours of shore leave in New York City before shipping off to World War II. The players are: Lysander Abadia (Gabey) Kyle Arrouzet (ensemble) Emery Ronan Bacon (ensemble) Christine Baker (ensemble) Peter Bullen (ensemble) Francesca Cipponeri (Ivy) Gabriela Crolla (ensemble) Chloe Diepenbrock  (ensemble) [...]

Cast of Company announced

By |2021-10-07T23:29:01-07:00October 7th, 2021|2021-2022 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

South Bay Musical Theatre is proud to announce its cast and staff for COMPANY, the Tony® winning musical comedy by Stephen Sondheim, with book by George Furth. The show will return to the Saratoga Civic Theater for the first time since it debuted there in 1999. Performances run from Jan. 29 through Feb. 19, 2022—while the latest Broadway revival is still playing in New York. Plan now to attend by getting your tickets here or by calling 408-266-4734. Robert..Vince Ricco Harry...Benjamin Hatch Sarah...Emily Acosta Peter...Justin Kerekes Susan...Kimberly Kay David...James M. Jones Jenny...Amy Elizabeth Young Paul...Ted Sclavos Amy...Sarah Thermond Joanne...Grace Colón [...]

Cast of Shout announced

By |2021-07-29T21:44:29-07:00June 25th, 2021|2021-2022 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast, Photos|

South Bay Musical Theatre is proud to announce the cast for SHOUT! The Mod Musical, which will be presented at the Saratoga Civic Theater from September 25 through October 16, 2021. Red Girl... Melissa Momboisse Orange Girl... Christina Bolognini Yellow Girl... Jamie Gussman Blue Girl... Heather Mae Steffen Green Girl... Amanda Le Nguyen The Voice: Walter M. Mayes Red Girl understudy... Natalie To Gwendolyn Holmes & Orange Girl understudy... Kimberly Kay Yellow & Green Girl understudy... Mylissa Malley Blue Girl understudy: Jessica Whittemore Staff Listing: Director & Choreographer: Lee Ann Payne Musical & Vocal Director:  Debra Lambert Production Manager: Patti [...]

Cast for The Revolutionists announced

By |2021-04-30T01:50:48-07:00April 21st, 2021|2020-2021 Season, Meet The Cast, Photos|

South Bay Musical Theatre is proud to announce the cast and staff for The Revolutionists, a play by Lauren Gunderson, as part of SBMT’s eStudio Readers’ Theatre. Cast: Olympe De Gouges – Mary Melnick Charlotte Corday – Sarah Thermond Marianne Angelle – Anna Marie Sharpe Marie Antoinette – Laura Domingo Narrator/Swing – Kristin Hall Staff: Director: Diane Milo Stage Manager: Megan Reed Props: Patricia Bilello Costumes: Christina Bertani Designs: Brett Carlson Sound Effects: Dan Singletary Producer: Sara Dean Casting Director: Vinh G. Nguyen Auditions Coordinator: Dallas Carter About The Revolutionists:  Four very real women who lived boldly in France during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror.  Playwright Olympe [...]

Meet the cast of Anon(ymous)

By |2021-03-10T19:35:33-08:00March 10th, 2021|2020-2021 Season, Announcements, Meet The Cast|

South Bay Musical Theatre is proud to announce the cast and staff of Anon(ymous). Thanks to all who auditioned. CAST: Anon…Romelo Urbi Nemasani…Jennifer C. Maggio Naja…Julia Wright Ali / Ignacio…Aly Suleman Ritu / Sewing Lady 1…Devaki Ektare Nasreen / Sewing Lady 2…Krithi Sundar Calista / Sewing Lady 3…Jillian A. Smith Mackus…Benjamin Rafael Garcia Senator Laius / Zyclo…Ray D’Ambroiso Helen Laius…Elizabeth Geurts Pascal…Sarah Masare Devulapalli Belen…Delaney Quinn Bantillo Strygal…Tim Garcia Serza…Diane Thorne STAFF: Vinh G. Nguyen – Director Cordelia Larsen – Asst Director Skylar Riordan – Stage Manager Wynne Chan – Dramaturg Sharon Peng – Costume Designer Barbara Heninger – Props [...]

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