SBMT Board Meeting Feb. 8, 2023

Time Start: 7:05pm

End time: 9:01pm

In attendance: Board Members – Dan Singletary, Ed Hunter, Barbara Heninger, Aly Suleman, Braden Taylor, Elizabeth Matthews, Steve Sammonds

Ex. Officio: Sara Dean (EAD), Doug Hughes (Marketing), Jeffrey Henson (Facilities)

Absent: Tıpu Purkayastha (Board), Stacy Levin (Board), Soni Kapoor (Board), Michael Hirsch (Board)

Summary of Motion and Action Items

Action: Annual Welfare Exemption Claims for city of Saratoga and set shop filed the week of 2/5

Action: Post show survey to go out 2/18

Action: Jordan and Sara working on Rotary Grant

Action: Barbara and Kama working on SV Creates Organizational Impact Grant 2023 (Feb. 17 deadline)

Action: Barbara requesting new Quick Grant. Sara asked for input about Patricia’s services on this.

Action: Board recruitment: Think of people who might be great for the Board: email Sara or Michael with any suggestions

Action: BOARD MEMBERS: Donate to BOD 60th Anniversary Sponsorship by Feb. 15th if you have not done so already. Thank you to those who have donated. Be sure to list your donation as “BOD 60th Anniversary Sponsorship”. Check or online donation accepted.



A lot of great video media and still shots from Spitfire Grill for social media use

  • Thank you to 8th grader Athena Hart created Sitzprobe reel and 2 teaser trailers
  • Increase in social media followers

Advertising in papers with coupon codes help increase ticket sales

  • Received Mercury review

Hosted 4 service dogs-in-training on preview night, great outreach and connection with more of our community

Exec. Artistic Director (EAD) update:

  • New feedback box for Spitfire Grill to give audience members the option to ask questions
  • Spitfire Grill has broken even with budget as of 2/8
  • Possible AD for future productions: help with workload and another set of eyes for tech rehearsal
  • Season announcement planned for Sunday, 2/12, is postponed.

Discussed and to be revisited:

  • When to lift vaccination/mask mandates this year (both audience and production members)
  • Board meeting frequency (Sec. 8 bylaw change)
  • Proposal for SBMT to take a month off to give staff a much needed break
  • Board Chair position – Seeking to train someone over the next 6-18 months, would become Vice Chair first to learn the ropes


  • Increase in funds from fundraising campaign
  • Renewed general liability insurance
  • 2022 1099s have been filed


  • New lightbulbs for makeup stations in trailers
  • Raised handrails on sides of stage so SMs won’t need to remove them during load in


  • Spitfire graphics
  • One understudy went on in Spitfire with great success
  • Spitfire Grill Opening night teamwork was fantastic
  • Jeffrey fixed dry ice trough to work consistently


Community, Inclusivity, and Accountability (Aly):

  • First meeting for Youth Program discussion on Monday, 2/13. This will be long term planning.

Development and Fundraising (Barbara):

  • Fundraising on track (exceeded goal), 60th push has been successful
  • New Donor match goal reached
  • Declining monthly donors, some are moving to yearly instead

Organizational Development (Tipu):

  • Compare CEN Network and ED survey, create something new at the end of the year

Respectfully submitted by Nicole Tung, SBMT Board Secretary