SBMT Board Meeting March 8, 2023

Time Start: 7:12pm

Adjourned: 9:12pm

In attendance: 

Board members: Dan Singletary, Michael Hirsch, Braden Taylor, Tıpu Purkayastha, Stacy Levin, Steve Sammonds, Aly Suleman, Nicole Tung

Ex. Officio: Sara Dean (EAD), Doug Hughes (Marketing), Jeffrey Henson (Facilities)

Not Present: Soni Kapoor (Board), Ed Hunter (Board), Barbara Heninger (Board), Elizabeth Matthews (Board)

Summary of Motion and Action Items

ACTION ITEM: Board needs to find HR/Finance manager/company to handle payroll/ onboarding/ accounting items. Ideally specializes in non-profits.

ACTION ITEM: Board members reach out to new potential Board candidates, Michael will send out ideal skill sets to round out Board.

ACTION ITEM: Michael to send out info for real time communication platform for Board members to stay in contact between meetings.

ACTION ITEM: Michael to add Jeffrey to space share group and set up follow up conversation with Jeffrey regarding pink feather fan rentals.



  • Sara met with Thomas for annual Saratoga Theater Improvements meeting – next project will be Lobby renovations and SBMT is likely going to be contracted by the city for the interior design piece. This is for cost & ideas only – no estimate on when work would be completed.
  • Additional video hardware was purchased that will make our current 2-projector system more robust, while also adding in the ability to drive 2 additional HD video outputs (4 total). The system will be utilized by 3 projectors in Singin’ in the Rain.


  • Doug has brochures and flyers ready to go for the season announcement. Will send to printers by next week. Thank you, Doug!


  • Board recruitment in motion, will address bylaw changes at a later date due to other upcoming changes in the near future

EAD update

  • Spitfire
    • 2 understudies stepped in and worked seamlessly with the rest of the cast. 
    • Audience members seemed to enjoy the show overall.
    • Ticket sales hit just shy of our goal, highest profit out of season thus far
    • Smaller budget and cost: Musicians were a big savings, Debra (musical director) filled 3 roles, set budget was cheap, in house videographer)
    • Discount codes: local high schools did not take advantage, Mercury News was big, members offer was very small (only offered on the last weekend), coupon codes are not a big draw. A variety of places offering discounts is what will help bring people in.
  • Singin’ in the Rain
    • Renting 3rd projector from WVLO
  • 60’s Gala
    • Walter is rehearsing cast segments as needed. Program coming together. Tech team will meet Wednesday lunchtime to discuss details and mitigate any disasters. 
    •  Committee continues to meet and make progress.  Tickets are halfway to sold out. 
    •  Paper invite sent out last week.  Email reminders to be sent Mar 28th. 
    • Silent Auction to go live on April 14
  • Sara scheduled a follow up meeting with Misty Davies from Foothill Elementary School for their 2023 production. 


  • Reviewed and renewed our accident insurance
  • All 2022 payroll, bank statements, expenses, revenue, and purchase cards categorized and reconciled.  Will be sending records to Scot Morton to prepare our 2022 571-L, RRF-1, 990 (federal taxes), and 199 (state taxes)
  • SBMT “cured of our delinquency” in state of CA tax filing (incorrect paperwork from a few years ago), cleared for grants


  • West Valley Youth Theatre will meet with Sara on Tuesday to compare space. They are an option for costume storage or shop facility share. 
  • Kevin Davies (PAP & SVS TD) reached out and will continue to consider SBMT for a space share for SVS/ PAP/ SBMT – primarily costumes. Would be an issue of losing rehearsal space.
  • Sara will meet with Judy Pincus & Nancy Hand from WVLO following the opening of Triumph of Love to compare calendars and discuss rehearsal space share. 
  • Jeffrey has volunteered to head up organizing space share and cost since he is familiar with both locations. Thank you, Jeffrey!
  • Pink feather fan rentals: possible extra income for SBMT, may be loaning out and not receiving checks for them


Community, Inclusivity, and Accountability (Aly):

  • Youth Programming – Nicole and Vinh Nguyen worked with Saratoga HS drama students on their pieces for ITS (International Thespian Society) competition
    • 9 talented students, some submitting multiple pieces, presented scenes/ songs/ dance numbers
    • Most pieces were only chosen 2 days before but already had a good start. 
    • Mr. Brotzman requests a possible 3rd person for 3/27 to view technical submissions (SM, lighting, etc.) which should be ready by then
  • Sara reached out to Khalia at Bay Area Children’s Theatre about youth program tours, and has been in touch with their tour manager – this is an idea to explore at next Youth Program discussion. 

Organizational Development (Tipu):

Continuing discussions on Survey 

Production post-show survey going forward and survey goals:

  • We want participants to have a good experience at SBMT.
  • We want participants to have a voice and a channel to provide post-production feedback. 

Method –

  • Vice Chair (Steve) or other staff (EAD, stage manager, production manager, etc.) sends the survey within 1 week of the show closing
  •  EAD/committee of their choosing reviews and analyzes the survey results. Takes appropriate action as needed
  • EAD presents high level results to Board and brings any concerns to discuss as they see fit from the open field responses

Vision and Planning (Steve and Ed):

  • 2023-2024 Season is set!