SBMT Board Meeting Minutes for August 16, 2022

Board Members present: Barbara Heninger, Braden Taylor, Dan Singletary, Ed Hunter, Elizabeth Matthews, Michael Hirsch, Nicole Tung, Soni Kapoor, Steve Sammonds, Tipu Purkayastha

Ex Officio: Doug Hughes, Kama Belloni, Jeffrey Henson, Sara Dean

Not present: Aly Suleman, Stacy Levin

Meeting Agenda & supporting information:

Summary of Motions and Actions

  • Board members added themselves to committees
  • Looking for carpenter and truck driver for Company load-in; also need light board programmer
  • Moved to increase performer and crew compensation. Motion passed.
  • Sara and Braden will meet to discuss details of budget changes to support previous motion.
  • Tipu volunteered to serve as intern coordinator between Saratoga High School Drama Boosters and SBMT
  • Board members are requested to help with asks to potential major donors: review potential donors list for connections (to be sent to Board), or if you are comfortable asking for donations please contact Kama ( )
  • If you can, participate in SBMT’s monthly donation program


Introductory information for our new members

  • Introductions of Board members
  • For new members:
    • meeting basics
    • company values
    • online resources – see list of links in slide deck
    • organizational chart
  • Overview of Board Retreat 2021 and the priorities and themes
  • Overview of Committees
    • Board members added themselves to committees
    • Any Board member can attend any committee; committee meeting dates are published to the full board in advance


  • Marketing report
    • Noted we’ve sent out the subscription mailing, have started to get responses
  • Facilities – had to ask landlord to fix the door in the shop
  • CTO – Season Subscriptions coming in. This is an unusual time for the subscription to come out, because of delaying Company to later in this year due to COVID.
  • CFO (from acting CFO Braden) – See slides.
    • SBMT has set up an investment account with some of the funds from large grants received during pandemic
    • Working on fixing issues in some past records
    • Fiscal Year 2022 has begun (July 2022-July 2023)

Board Officer election

The Board members chose officers for the 2022-23 year. Results:

  • Board Chair: Michael Hirsch
  • Vice Chair: Steve Sammonds
  • Secretary: Nicole Tung
  • Chief Financial Officer: Braden Taylor

Executive Artistic Director Update – see slides for more detail

  • Spitfire Grill Auditions complete, offers going out to 16 cast, 7 are BIPOC. 35% of auditioners were BIPOC (known). 75% of auditioners were new (have not been in an SBMT production).
  • Company restarting, replaced 2 cast members. Need another master carpenter for Tech weeks, also a truck driver and light board programmer.
  • Singin’ in the Rain confirmed the director, working on the rest of staff, auditions in October
  • Youth programs – Continuing discussions with some schools interested in attending first Friday of Company. Saratoga School Drama Boosters want to have a “pipeline” program to help students participate in SBMT in different ways. Tipu volunteered to help serve as intern coordinator.
  • Executive Artistic Director joined:
    • TBA Artistic Director meetings
    • Center for Excellence in Non-Profits Leadership Roundtable – Sara was accepted and they provided a grant to cover almost all of their fees!
    • SVCreates Artist Grantee Roundtable starting soon
  • Proposal to increase performer and crew compensation
    • Moved to increase. Motion passed.
    • Braden and Sara will meet to finalize the plan for the increase


  • Development Team – Kama presented the team’s ask for Board members to:
    • Help with asks to potential major donors; review potential donors list for connection with current Board members, or if you are comfortable asking for donations please contact Kama (
    • If you can, participate in our monthly donation program
    • Board members will be tapped for helping with the 60th Anniversary Event in 2023
  • Vision and Planning Committee – will meet tomorrow, August 17

Respectfully submitted on August 16, 2022