SBMT Board Meeting Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Time Start: 7:03PM

Ending: 8:55PM

Board Members In attendance: Michael Hirsch, Nicole Tung, Steve Sammonds, Tipu Purkayastha, Stacey Levin, Aly Suleman, Ed Hunter, Barbara Heninger

Ex Officio: Doug Hughes, Jeffrey Henson, Sara Dean, Kama Belloni

Absent: Braden Taylor, Elizabeth Matthews, Dan Singletary, Soni Kapoor

Summary of Motions and Actions

  • Action: COMMUNITY Committee and EAD will come up with a date to invite SBMT community to participate in creating a youth program
  • Action: EAD will pull scripts for potential future shows
  • Action: Barbara and Sara interviewing potential facilitators for Board retreat, will report back next Board meeting
  • Action: ORG/DEV Committee will clarify and update SBMT COVID protocols 


Marketing Report:

  • COMPANY video clips are released on social media as well as “Meet the Cast” videos
  • Postcards, Mercury News ad circulating to promote COMPANY
  • Box office/ticketing was down for a day, now repaired


  • Searching for replacement of cold water fixture for studio
  • Landlord will foot the bill for repairs being made to set shop office door 

House Manager and Box Office

  • 58% response rate to subscription renewals as of Board Meeting
  • CFO Update is up to date 



  • donor drive performed very well, our $5,000 matching donation was met and exceeded 
  • Received a scholarship for leadership training for EAD 
  • 2 grants pending, Kama is working on sponsorships


  • Brainstormed possible shows, possible kids’ show in 2024
  • Next meeting is Oct. 18th: Agenda- narrow down the list
  • ACTION ITEM: EAD will pull scripts

Executive Artistic Director (EAD) Update

  • Lighting assistant Intern for COMPANY (Saratoga HS program), training with Lighting Designer
  • Talkback following COMPANY’s show on Fri., Oct. 7th
  • Tipu volunteering to get the word out at Saratoga HS for possible volunteers for COMPANY
  • Foothill College grant: Awaiting news if someone wants to join SBMT intern program 
  • Executive Artistic Director (EAD) is in discussion with Saratoga Drama Boosters to build a partnership with SBMT and grow local talent through a Starting Arts type program to create a pathway to performing/working with SBMT. 
  • ACTION ITEM: Barbara and Sara are interviewing 3 potential facilitators for the Board’s annual retreat. The topic is developing a strategic plan and will report back at the next Board meeting.  
  • EAD will begin designing summer program – 
  • ACTION ITEM: COMMUNITY group and EAD will come up with a date to invite folx to collaborate on this program
    • December: SBMT is helping Foothill with a production (sound and lighting)
    • SBMT will ideally be working with Saratoga Elementary School on a 3 week summer program 


Discussion was had about SBMT’s reputation as a semi-professional community theater and how to sustain this level of quality moving forward. 

Covid Protocol

  • It is time for SBMT to update Covid policies- For COMPANY (update on website) – patrons will only be required to wear masks (Aug. 30, 2022)
  • Reassess going into Spitfire, Covid may change in the winter
    • Cast members still expected to be fully vaccinated, masked when not actively performing
    • air filters are replaced in the theater

ACTION ITEM: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT committee to set clear wording in place, understanding this is a fluid situation

If you can, participate in SBMT’s monthly donation program

Respectfully submitted by Nicole Tung, SBMT Board Secretary