SBMT Board Meeting Jan. 11, 2023

Time Start: 7:06PM

Adjourned: 9:02PM

Board Members In attendance: Michael Hirsch, Dan Singletary, Ed Hunter, Soni Kapoor, Barbara Henninger, Stacy Levin, Tıpu Purkayastha, Aly Suleman, Steve Sammonds

Ex Officio: Sara Dean (EAD), Doug Hughes (Marketing)

Not Present: Braden Taylor (Board), Elizabeth Matthews (Board)

Summary of Motion and Action Items

Action: Sara, Nancy and Ed working on proposal on how to collect money for equipment fund

Action: Barbara, Kama, and Sara working on Silicon Valley grant, re-submitting for Quick grant

Action: Org/Dev Committee asked to create a new procedure/process for EAD end-of-year review and write up something specific that can be used as a reference going forward. Also need to assess a better way of getting more responses for next year.

Action: Sara and Braden working on 3-5 year budget plan

Action: Diane to add Board Members to volunteer email list

Action: Community and Inclusion Committee to plan a meeting in early February to discuss youth programs

Action: Board- please add to the 60th Anniversary group donation if you have not already done so


Facilities update

1st listings for rehearsal space options did not meet criteria. Lowest rent was $1.50/foot, also would need to pay common area maintenance and utilities. 

  • Board members were asked to help check locations out. Thank you, Ed Hunter, for volunteering!

Current lease for the scene shop is up in 2023. We will renew the lease since there isn’t enough time to move everything out to a new location if one becomes available.


Video trailer for Spitfire Grill received the most clicks and people watched the entire 30 second clip.

Exec. Artistic Director (EAD) update

Spitfire Grill rehearsals are going well. Worked on projections and things are on target!

  • Covid protocols are working well (test every Th/Sun, masked backstage)
  • Set pieces are recycled other than 2 new tables – yay for more earth & budget-friendly
  • Working on Spitfire Grill talkbacks with schools

Foothill Elementary’s Wizard of Oz – Assisted/supported with projector, lighting, sound. Foothill is interested in working with SBMT again next season. Suggestion for a possible equipment fund for future extracurricular programs (one for upgrades, one for repairs). 

West Valley Youth Theater – Sara met with representatives from WVYT to learn more and to consider collaboration.

Season announcement is ready to go. 

  • Season is set with back up shows if one doesn’t get approved. 
  • No live, in-person event for announcement this year. It will be a social media announcement instead. Aiming for Feb. 12th.

Successes from 2022:

  • Magic of theater was alive for On The Town, from the cast and community, even with all the hurdles. 
  • Successfully opened COMPANY! 
  • New Board (EAD was able to meet 1 on 1 with each member)
  • Financial foundation
  • Increased compensation for actors
  • Covid protocols worked (and received a positive response from community)
  • 66 new artists in 3 show season
  • Maintained the community feeling. Such an inspiring community.
  • Resilient. We survived!
  • Agile box office handled cancellations, communication to audiences, all flawlessly
  • Learned from previous issues (many U/S cast for shows)


Community Inclusion

Early February, will aim for a meeting for youth programs. Stacy and Nicole to be added to the group.

Development and Fundraising (Barbara): 

  • Year end drive started, closing at the end of January. We reached our goal!
  • A few sponsorships offered (first time ever)
  • Far exceeded goal for grants
  • Moving well toward goal for individual/matched funds (over 50%)
  • Completed final report for CA Arts Council
  • Board: please add to the 60th Anniversary group donation if you have not already done so
  • Open to any items for auction (please contact Kama Belloni at 

Organizational Development (Tipu):

  • Taking on the Staff Review process

Vision and Planning (Steve and Ed): 

  • Working to set another meeting

Opening for Board Chair and Vice Chair available to train future replacements

Board moved to Executive Session