Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway musicals

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Timeless Tales of Artistic Triumph: Comparing Rent with other Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway musicals In the 105 years since the first Pulitzer Prize for Drama was awarded in 1918, only 10 Broadway Musicals have won that honor. SBMT’s upcoming production of Jonathan Larson’s RENT will be the fifth Pulitzer-winning musical to be staged by the company. In this blog post, we will attempt to examine some of the reasons RENT was so honored, and compare it to other musicals in the same elite group.   From the political satire Of Thee I Sing years ago, to last year’s winner, A Strange Loop, [...]

Are stereotypes acceptable in today’s theatrical productions?

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Justin Fan, Karyn Rondeau, and Edmond Kwong play the villains. Photo by Steve Stubbs. In the irreverent musical Avenue Q, one of the songs purports that “Everybody’s a little bit racist,” as it skewers contemporary attitudes regarding race, religion, political correctness, and humor based on exaggerated stereotypes. The point hits home, because as much as we hate to admit it, we all have biases. Those of us in the theatre community are forced to confront these issues whenever we dip into the well of past Broadway productions to pick a slate of shows to revive. The stereotypical characters and [...]

Audiences rave: SBMT has another winner!

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Audiences for South Bay Musical Theatre's first show of the 2018-19 season, Mame, continue to send positive feedback about their experiences. We have compiled highlights of their comments in the video and text below. If you are sitting on the fence, we encourage you to act quickly to get your tickets for one of the remaining performances of this Broadway classic from the sixties that Life magazine called, "America's Best Musical." Call our box office at 408-266-4734 or pick your tickets on this website. “We have been going to your performances for quite some time now, and we rank [...]

Semi-annual Members Meeting generates lively discussion

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On Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018, the South Bay Musical Theater Board of Directors hosted its semi-annual Members Meeting at the Saratoga Civic Theater. Nine of the 12 board members attended, and a full agenda kept the meeting rolling for 90 minutes—and beyond. The lively discussion then adjourned to the lobby, where complimentary mimosas and light snacks were served. The lobby TV displayed a slideshow demonstrating the new SBMT website. What follows is a brief summary of what took place: Newly elected board chair Jay Steele greeted attendees and introduced new and returning board members. Kevin Brownstein gave a preview of “My [...]

More Gypsies, a Video – and $10 Off!

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GYPSY opens in only FOUR DAYS! We're so excited to entertain you, we can barely wait. (See what we did there?) In fact, we have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for those who buy tickets NOW. Go to Use code ENTERTAIN for $10 off any tickets purchased by Wednesday, MAY 18! That's right, this special offer lasts only until Wednesday at midnight. So buy NOW! Meanwhile, our cast has more to share with you. First, Zoe Wheatonfox, "Young Louise," provides a kid's-eye view of the show in backstage interviews with the youngest members of our cast: Kid's-eye View of GYPSY!Video link [...]

Meet More Gypsies: Michael and Oscar!

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A few Gypsy cast, staff, and crew with SBMT volunteers at load-in on April 30 The GYPSY cast and crew has moved into the Saratoga Civic Theatre. It's only two weeks until OPENING NIGHT on May 21, so order your tickets now! Meanwhile, meet two more of the Gypsy clan in our continuing blog-erviews! Oscar: Chowsie Oscar plays Chowsie, Madam Rose's dog Why are you excited to be in Gypsy? Oscar is overly excited to be in his first production ever! What is the most important thing you think audiences should know about this show? No [...]

Meet some GYPSIES: Molly, Elmer, and Marc

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It's time once again for ... BLOG-ERVIEWS. Here's your chance to meet some of our talented cast members for GYPSY. After you read these, we're so sure you'll want to see these dynamic actors in action that we're adding the ticket link right here! Show dates: Saturday, May 21 (opening night gala!) through Saturday, June 11 Venue: Saratoga Civic Theatre, 13777 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga Got those tickets? Great! Without further ado, meet some Gypsies: Molly Thornton, Mama Rose Molly Thornton, "Mama Rose" Why are you excited to be in Gypsy? I get to play the role of a [...]

Meet the Plaids! Week Four: Smudge

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New Year's Eve is around the corner - and that means our next show, FOREVER PLAID, is around the corner as well. Make sure you get your tickets now for this hilarious nostalgic romp through songs of the 1950s. Go to for tickets and information. Meanwhile, let's meet the fourth member of the PLAIDS! David Murphy: "Smudge" David Murphy as Smudge Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid? It's a super-challenging show, first off. The harmonies are tricky enough, and the fact that you have to learn so much material (and dancing, and lines, and movement, [...]

Meet the Plaids! Week Three: Jinx

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It's beginning to look a lot like ... FOREVER PLAID time! If you're looking for holiday gifts, remember that a stocking filled with tickets to PLAID will make your loved ones happy! Shop online at Want to help out behind the scenes? Sign ups are now open for lobby ushering and concessions. Go to for more details and to sign up. And now, it's time to meet the third member of our quartet: Matthew Hall: "Jinx" Matthew Hall as Jinx Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid? I'm excited for the chance to step into [...]

Meet the Plaids! Week Two: Frankie

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Have you got your tickets yet for FOREVER PLAID? Our opening night on January 30 will be extra special -- with food, champagne, and fun! Order now and surprise someone with a PLAID ticket for Christmas! And now it's that time again - time to meet another of our four Plaids! Derek DeMarco: "Frankie" Derek DeMarco as Francis (Frankie) Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid? I am so excited to be a part of this Production of Forever Plaid! Since moving to California a couple of years ago, it has been a slow process of [...]

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