Special Board Meeting

Date: June 2, 2021

Present: Michael Hirsch, Dan Singletary, Jay Steele, Steve Sammonds,, Raiña Parks, Sharon Peng, Kevin Brownstein, Sara Dean, Jay Steele, Dallas Carter, Jeff Henson, Doug Hughes

Start 7:01 pm

Welcome by Michael Hirsch


  • Q&A regarding budget information
    • Questioned what Budget is based on  
  • Held vote on approval for the budget
    • All board members in attendance (Kevin, Raina, Dallas, Jay, Dan, Steven, Michael and Sharon)
    • Ed votes yes in absentia
    • Budget was approved by all attending board members (8 yays)
  • Discussed the need to fill out COVID status form
    • Have determined that we have to accommodate medical and religious exemptions to vaccination
    • Dan believes that it’s in our best interest to require COVID vaccination to be in a show
    • Jeff asked, what does it mean to accommodate
  • Dan makes a motion that we require vaccination of the full company including volunteers unless we are legally required to accommodate an exemption.
  • Held vote requiring full company including volunteers to obtain vaccination unless we are legally required to accommodate an exemption
    • All board members in attendance have voted yes to the motion
  • More budget questions
    • Doug asked about the cut in spending for marketing and whether or not it was intentional. Sara explained that we did cut where we could to ensure that we would stay afloat given the potential for low ticket sells.
    • Kudos to Dan on the work setting the ticket prices. Was very thoughtful and worked to maintain equity.

Meeting Adjourned 7:21 pm