South Bay Musical Theatre is proud to announce the cast for SHOUT! The Mod Musical, which will be presented at the Saratoga Civic Theater from September 25 through October 16, 2021.
Shout cast updated
  • Red Girl… Melissa Momboisse
  • Orange Girl… Christina Bolognini
  • Yellow Girl… Jamie Gussman
  • Blue Girl… Heather Mae Steffen
  • Green Girl… Amanda Le Nguyen
  • The Voice: Walter M. Mayes
  • Red Girl understudy… Natalie To
  • Gwendolyn Holmes & Orange Girl understudy… Kimberly Kay
  • Yellow & Green Girl understudy… Mylissa Malley
  • Blue Girl understudy: Jessica Whittemore
Staff Listing:
  • Director & Choreographer: Lee Ann Payne
  • Musical & Vocal Director:  Debra Lambert
  • Production Manager: Patti Reed
  • Stage Manager: Carla McCreight
  • Casting Director: Vinh G. Nguyen
  • Costume, Hair & Makeup Designer:  Y. Sharon Peng
  • Lighting Designer: Aya Matsutomo
  • Props Designer: Patricia Bilello
  • Set Designer:  Brett Carlson
  • Sound Designer: Chris Beer
  • Lead Carpenter: Richard Cartwright
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Christopher Morton, Lucas Simone
  • Production Assistant: Penelope Bautista
  • Producer: Sara Dean