Minutes for 7/12/2023 

Start: 7pm

In Attendance:

  • Michael Hirsch
  • Dan Singletary
  • Braden Taylor
  • Nicole Tung
  • Steve Sammonds
  • Barbara Heninger

Ex Officio:

  • Doug Hughes 
  • Walter Mayes


  • Stacy Levin
  • Tipu Purkayastha
  • Soni Kapoor
  • Ed Hunter

ACTION ITEM: Michael and Tipu – schedule time to update bylaws

ACTION ITEM: Consider Board resolution to propose emergency by-laws suspension for Board members’ terms ending in July to extend to Dec. 31st, 2023

ACTION ITEM: to reassess committee responsibilities with new Board members coming on

ACTION ITEM (completed): Friday review and schedule interviews

ACTION ITEM: Post Board positions in blog and newsletter (Michael to work with Kama and Doug)

Board Chair

  • Real Estate Search
    • Board President toured some spaces at El Paseo de Saratoga with Ann Watts of Starting Arts
    • Entertaining the idea of buying/leasing these buildings 
      • looking for a few companies to partner with them. 
      • Ideal set up: classes in the front of the building, set shop and black box theater in the back. 
      • SBMT is part of the ongoing discussion
  • Board reorganization
    • Meets 6 times a year
    • Committees meet 6 times a year on opposite months to Board meeting months
  • Next Steps: 
    • Hired Kalyn McKenzie as Production Manager
    • Brought on Walter Mayes as Producer (until Aug. 31st)
    • Richard Cartwright taking on role of Shop Manager 
      • Kalyn will support in calling people for repairs, etc.
  • New positions available
    • President (Michael)
    • Chair Organizational Development (Tipu)
    • 3 more Board Members will also be stepping down
    • By-laws to address potential change in number of Board members required going forward


  • 20 resumes for Business Manager
  • No longer have Cal Savers 403B 
    • hourly people of RENT need to opt in


  • Costume Designer still has not brought back all items for Singing in the Rain. 
    • Date keeps changing to return items. SBMT is continuing to pursue and pin down a date.
  • Follow up with Steve Sammonds for survey results 
  • RENT 
    • Cast and staffing complete
    • Production meeting on July 23rd
      • vocal rehearsals started the same day
    • New marketing and publicity ideas underway
      • Deputize cast to help publicize through social media
    • Orientation on 7/31
    • Will have a cast deputy people can come to if they have issues to address annonymously
    • ASMs will be available on nights SM will be out working on another show
      • Will have at least one of the SM team at every rehearsal
    • Fully staffed
    • More auditioners than slots for ALNM (more than RENT when it was fully booked)
    • Staff is ready to go
    •  audition Aug. 5-6, callback Aug. 12
  • By 8/1: will start requesting items to consider for 24/25 season line up 
  • Will include a concert 
  • Ideally a dance show, a family show, an artsy/contemporary show
  • Setting show dates with City (usually early in the year)
    • Thomas Scott will be handling theater calendar for City when Nina Walker leaves
  • By the end of August SBMT will begin hiring staff for Mary Poppins
  • Production Manager and Producer meeting once a month to touch base


  • Email: 18 newsletters since last report
  • Social Media: using Meta Business Suite to coordinate posts 
    • Increased 130+ followers on IG, 80+ on FB

Development and Fundraising

  • Nearly doubled our goal for 22-23
    • Due to grants, many are not repeatable for next year
    • Anticipation that next year will not be as plentiful since some of these grants are not repeatable
    • Michael, Kama, Kathy will meet to discuss new ways to fundraise, get donors

Search to fill Artistic Director role 

  • FB group – Bay Area Theater Bums
  • Theater Bay Area
  • Email SBMT community
  • Google group: Hiring (committee)
    • Michael to post in folder for Board members to have access as well
    • External people can post as well

Concluded meeting with Executive Session