Board Meeting Minutes 


Start: 7:12 PM

End: 9:15 PM

In Attendance:

  • Michael Hirsch
  • Dan Singletary
  • Braden Taylor
  • Nicole Tung
  • Barbara Heninger
  • Tipu Purkayastha
  • Ann Lucena

Ex Officio:

  • Walter Mayes
  • Doug Hughes
  • Karyn Morton
  • Steve Sammonds


  • Soni Kapoor

Action Items

ACTION ITEM: President will reach out to Treasurer about any missing paperwork for background checks

ACTION ITEM: Production Manger (PM) will organize list of staff needing live scan paperwork and another for TB testing

ACTION ITEM: President will continue to handle Articles on Staff

ACTION ITEM: President made motion to spend money to purchase covid tests as needed for the 23-24 season. Motion passed.

ACTION ITEM: President and CFO to discuss increasing rent for trailers to WVLO

ACTION ITEM: President to send Marketing updated Board list so site can be updated


  • New Board Member introduction
    • Ann Lucena – welcome aboard!
  • New Production Manager
    • Karyn Harmon – welcome!
  • Live Scan services update
    • All paid staff in theater will need TB test, especially for Mary Poppins
    • Volunteers are not required to test
  • Background check for those interacting with minors
  • SBMT has business license and insurance in place, no response thus far from City Govt




  • Articles on Staff
  • Hiring Executive Director highest priority currently
  • City of Saratoga Meeting: 
    • discussion with WVLO to coordinate dates/season
    • Discussion with City in January (1/31?)  to lock in dates for 23-24 Season
      • Re: schedule and insurance certifications
  • Discussion with city & WVLO in Feb to discuss upcoming city agenda
  • Annual survey will most likely be sent out in February
  • Vote to dissolve membership
    • Aiming for end of March or Mid April to present message and vote
    • Options to send informative email and possible Zoom meeting for members to respond to proposed change prior to voting
    • Members are given right to vote for/against change to remove class of members and their right to vote 
    • Requires giving minimum of 45 days (90 day max) prior to vote to remove them
  • Covid Policy updated and related to city requirements 
    • Covid tests should be added to annual budget 
    • Approved language and purchase
  • Continuing to seek out Board Candidates
  • Rentals:
    • Scaffolding from RENT
      • Hillbarn and Watsonville HS will not be renting
      • NDHS will be renting in March 
      • Hammer Theatre/Starting Arts in July
      • Inventory list available
  • Chicago fans – still MIA
  • Shared Arts Center with Starting Arts
    • Shared document to help write out wish list
    • Asking a lot of artistic groups for feedback
      • Typical season needs, other dates (auditions/classes/events, etc)
  • Company Handbook
    • Org Dev committee to schedule session to create document for role responsibilities, contracts, chain of command, etc
  • Awards
    • President will be presenting award opening night
  • Trailer Beautification Project
    • Walls of both dressing rooms repainted
    • Damaged wallpaper steamed and repainted


  • Foothill Elementary Theater in December
    • Went well, raised money for SBMT
  • Saratoga Theater Storage cleanup
    • 1/7 WVLO & SBMT collaborated to clean storage
      • lighting items were sorted through


  • Cash and investments are up since November
  • Workers’ comp insurance company no longer covering community theaters so broker is searching for a new one
  • FY24 – Dec actuals posted
  • 2023 1099s and W2s will be sent by EOM
  • Money invested into a CD, locking up half of funds but getting 4% back (could cover price of covid tests)
  • Will work with AD to create budget in March, present by May


  • All hands meeting in February to clean studio/costumes
  • Barbara willing to maintain props (thank you!)
    • Seeking a costume manager for next season (to manage rentals, repairs)
  • ALNM on course
    • Technical items being worked out
      • Production meeting last Sunday
  • Mary Poppins auditions were a success, great turnout
    • Parents will be expected to be present for entire rehearsal period
  • Goal to bring more new people into SBMT
    • AD to mentor new directors coming in, ideally one each season
    • Patti Reed mentoring as production manager for Karyn to learn the ropes
  • Searching for directors for next season
    • Ideally planning a concert musical (2 nights) next season, full orchestra
  • Choosing a season that appeals to different groups of patrons

Development and Fundraising

  • Rejected Rotary Grant, SV Creates Access 
  • Saratoga Rotary denied grant to fund scaffolding since it was already purchased but encouraged SBMT to submit future applications (in March) for other items 
  • Approved Grant: Valley Foundation
  • Individual contributions: Year end appeal started in November, will run through Februrary

Organizational Development

  • By-laws update (folder contains edited copies & supporting information)